I bet you’ve watched Sesame Street. Do you think you could write a show for them? Maybe something like this one that I tried to send to them. You could perform this as a puppet show or a play. What do you think?



A family of three puppets with no noses sits in their living room. Father reads his paper mumbling, ‘no-no-no’ while smoking his pipe. Mother sits and knits while humming ‘rock-a-bye-baby’ to NO sounds. The five-year old pretends to fly his airplane to NOOO-NOOO sounds.


There’s this family…kind of different…who only knows one word: NO. There’s Papa No-No and Mama No-No and Little No-No. The No-no’s live far away from other people. The No-No’s also have no noses. Nobody is sure if they are called No-No’s because they say NO so much or because they have no noses. Either way the No-No’s have no noses and live happily in the little home in the forest.

One this particular day, it is so beautiful outside that Little No-No wants to go out to play. He jumps up and runs to his mother, points outside and ask permission in NO sounds. Mama No-No answers in NO sounds telling him not to go too far because soon his birthday cake would be ready and they were going to have a party.

Little No-No goes out in the woods to fly his airplane. At first he doesn’t see a blond girl sitting by a tree. She’s crying. He stops, listens then slowly walks toward her and stares at her. When the girls looks up and sees him she screams.

GIRL: Yuuch! No-nose. You don’t have a nose. No-nose.

Narrator: Little No-No smiles and offers to shake hands. After all, the girl had called him by name. The girl refuses to shake hands.

GIRL: Yuuch. No nose.

Narrator:  Little No-No nods happily, points to himself as if to say…that’s right and you?

GIRL: Go away, no-nose.

Narrator: Now Little No-No was not very nosey in more ways than one. He leaves the girl and starts to walk away. But the girl is not half as frightened of Little No-No as she is of being lost and alone in the woods. So, the girl jumps up, catches up to Little No-No and grabs his arm.

GIRL: Ahem. I’m lost. Could you please help me?

Little No-No: No

GIRL: (Shouting) What do you mean, NO. Don’t you know your way around here?

Little No-No: No

GIRL: Then you can’t help me find my way home, can you?

Little No-No: No

GIRL: Then what good is it doing me to talk to you?

Little No-No: No (Sounds like ‘I don’t know’)

GIRL: Ohh, Boo Hoo. I’m lost and scared. What shall I do?

Narrator: Little No-No picks a flower and offers it to the girl hoping to make her feel better.

GIRL: For me? You picked this just for me?

Little No-No: (Nods his head yes, but says no) No

GIRL: Hey wait a minute. Something is all mixed up here and it’s not me…I think. Now, you nodded yes but said…

Narrator: Just then Mama No-No calls for Little No-No and he grabs the girl’s arm.

GIRL: Hey, just a minute buddy. Where are you taking me?

Narrator: Little No-No points toward his house and chatters excitedly in No’s. The girl follows him into the house and finds Mama No-No and Father No-No sitting in the living room.

GIRL: Can you people understand me?

Father: No

GIRL: Geez, you guys. Ever since I’ve been here and talking to you no-noses, I’ve heard nothing but no—right?

Mother: No

GIRL: Huh? Wait a minute. I think I get it. Is NO the only word you guys can say?

Little No-No: No

GIRL: Good. Then you do know some other words. What are they?

Little No-No: No-no.

GIRL: Aargh! How will I ever get home again?

Narrator: Mother comes out of the kitchen with a birthday cake with five candles and the word NO on top. The No-No’s sing happy birthday…in NO’s of course.

The girl is feeling pretty bad about now. But, after all, a party is a party and a piece cake is a piece of cake. And she can hardly say no to a NO cake. So, while she’s gobbling down her cake, Little No-No opens his present, which is a sweat shirt with University of NO on the front. He hugs his mother and father then they all turn and look at the girl.

GIRL: I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have a present…being lost and all.

NO-NO’s: No (sounds like ‘don’t mention it’)

GIRL: Yes, but I want to…

No-No’s: No

GIRL: Yes! Darn it! Yes. I want to give you something. Wait a minute. I know what I can give you.

Narrator: The girl grabs a crayon and writes YES on a piece of paper.

GIRL: This word is YES. It’s spelled Y-E-S. It’s a new word for you.

NO-NO’s: Yes…Yes…Yes

GIRL: Hey, I’m glad you all like that new word. But can you tell me how to get out of this woods?

NO-NO’s: Yes

GIRL: Great. Because, you see, I really enjoyed the party and all. It’s like NO party I’ve ever been too. Ha-ha. Get it? But I really must go.

NO-NO’s: Yes

GIRL: You made me feel good when I was scared. I bet I looked kind of silly…

NO-NO’s: Yes

Narrator: The girl starts to get suspicious and backs slowly toward the door.

GIRL: I bet you thought it was stupid of me to get lost in the first place…

NO-NO’s: Yes

Narrator: The No-No’s try to hug her and get her to sit down. The girl is confused.

GIRL: You don’t want me to leave?

NO-NO’s: (Shake their heads no but say yes) Yes

GIRL: Oh no. I’m out of here.

NO-NO’s: Yes

GIRL: (runs away, screaming) No, no, no no.

NO-NO’s: Yes?