It’s not too hard to write a play. You basically tell a story with conversation. Of course, that takes listening to how people talk and capturing their dialogue with your words. Here’s a sample of a play taken from my eBook:

Four Read Aloud Plays adapted from the novel, Tales from the Drake House Outhouse

Frank Drake Meets Running Deer


Frank Drake 12

Running Deer 12

Ben Jr. 10

Narrators  1&2

Narr 1: This story starts when Benjamin Drake came to settle some land near Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1830. There were Indians there. Potawatomis.

Narr 2: One morning right after the Drake family arrived Frank the oldest boy decided to take the gun and see if he could find a deer or a turkey or even just a squirrel to add to the stew pot.

Narr 1: At one point he stepped from behind the trees into a broad meadow. Standing not fifteen feet away was an Indian boy about his own age. The boy grabbed his bow and arrow and half raised them. Frank, lifted his rifle to his chest waiting for the boy to make the next move. They stared at each other for a minute.

Frank: Well this is just ridiculous. Either you’re going to shoot me or you’re not. But I’m not going stand here for the rest of my life.

Narr 2: He bent slowly and laid his rifle in the tall grass. The boy waited for a moment then did the same with his bow and arrow.

Narr 1: The boys stared at each other some more. Then Frank had an idea. He leaned onto his hands and did a cartwheel. When he stood up, red in the face, the other boy simply nodded.

Narr 2: Then he dropped to his belly, grabbed his bow and arrow and rolled away from Frank. One turn. Two turns. Then he hopped to one knee notched his arrow and shot at a tree stump. The arrow buried deeply into the rotten wood.

Narr 1: Frank used his pocketknife to carefully work the arrow out without breaking it. The boy took the arrow. Handed it to Frank. Frank smiled.

Narr 2: Then he noticed the boy looking at the knife in his hand. Frank offered the knife to the boy.

Narr 1: They both studied their new treasures. Frank Drake used a slate board back in those early days to write out his lessons.

Narr 2: One day, Frank’s friend, Running Deer found him writing on his slate board. He pointed as if to ask – what’s that?

Frank: It’s a gift from my teacher.

Running Deer: What you doing?

Frank: Writing.

Narr 1: Running Deer took the chalk and made marks on the slate.

Running Deer: I can do too. What means?

Frank: Let me show you how writing works. Tell me something I don’t know about you.

Running Deer: Last winter I killed first deer.

Narr:2: Frank erased the slate and wrote a few words.

Frank: Take this to my brother, Ben.

Narr 1: His brother read the words then pointed at Running Deer.

Ben: Last winter you killed your first deer.

Narr 1: Running Deer looked from one brother to another. Then he snatched the slate board and slammed it against a rock.

Running Deer: You steal my spirit.

Narr 2: And that Fall, after the Indians left for their winter hunting grounds, Frank never saw Running Deer again. The tribe never came back.