Sensory Words

Re-write these sentences. User better, stronger words. Appeal to the senses. Show don’t tell. Do the work to imagine every detail before drawing a picture with words. Use the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing.

1. Jerry hit the ball into his neighbor’s yard.

2. Melissa put a scoop of ice cream on the piece of pie.

3. The car turned the corner and almost hit someone.

4. Apples in the fall are my favorite fruit.

5. The old man’s clothes were worn but clean.

6. The baby’s diaper rash looked like it really hurt.

7. Marilynn looked cool in her new outfit.

8. His mother’s supper smelled great.

9. It was fun to walk along the forest trail. The fallen leaves were all different colors.

10. The big fish jumped out of the water when Al started reeling him in.