Ask your student to try to think of the meaning behind the story. Challenge to look for more than the surface plot. Sometimes it’s fun to fracture the fairy tale in a different from usual direction.

Beauty and the Beast: Men are trapped by their forbidding exterior and require the love and touch of a woman to unlock their inner loving self

Cinderella: Good hearted, hard work will be rewarded. All it takes is a complete makeover and the perfect man

Frog Prince: Women must get past the exterior to find the man within. See Shrek

Red Riding Hood: Stay on task. Don’t talk to strangers. Watch for evil in the world.

Snow White: Don’t take drugs. Leads to suspended life until outside help comes along: loving man, rehab counselor

Rumpelstiltskin: Bad things can happen to us but if we can give a name to it, we can deal with it.

Sleeping Beauty: We can inherit dangerous traits through no fault of our own but it’s possible to overcome them with outside help.

Rapunzel: Craving for forbidden substance leads to entrapment. Trapped child reaches out a life line. The rescuer gets hurt as well but if they both persist will find happiness together.