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Think of this site as a treat for your son—a break from your carefully planned and scheduled reading/writing curriculum. I’ve compiled a random collection of journal prompts, study guides, writing exercises and the like from my years of writing middle grade and young adult novels. Some of the exercises even come from the college writing classes I’ve taught. You’ll want to sort through these offerings and choose the ones best suited to your student’s age, interests and abilities.

Boys like challenges. I know that’s a stereotype. But still, I find that when a boy confronts a new experience that seems interesting or exciting to him, he will often have one of two reactions:

1. Hey, how do you do that? Let me try it.


2. Respond to a challenge to replicate it. 

As his parent or teacher, you would know best where your pupil falls on the challenge continuum. So, try him out on some of the exercises I’ve posted. Perhaps he responds to the jokes or the action scenes or the character descriptions. When you discover interest, pose the challenge…from a subtle “Hmm, I wonder if you could do that?” to “I bet you can’t.” 

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